Launching August 2022

The Dust Test is your first stop on your journey to creating a healthy home environment. Why? For one, you want to know if there’s a problem before spending thousands of dollars trying to find one (both medically and in your home). And, more importantly, you want to know what you’re being exposed to BEFORE your inspector comes so that you can ensure they will find where it’s coming from!


Test Your Dust

Traditionally, inspectors analyze dust while they’re testing inside the home. By the time the results come back, though, they’re long gone and working for the next client. This can leave you confused and wondering if they really "got it all" while collecting data. With The Dust Test, we help you identify the mold, bacteria, and biotoxins in the home that the inspector needs to find sources of. This data is crucial for successful remediation protocols because it provides the information needed to properly remove all sources of contamination from the home and ensure you and your family have a healthy environment that supports ongoing wellbeing.

It’s no secret that water-damaged buildings come with a host of issues that can impact our health. One of the largest problems stemming from this event is the particles and potential toxins accompanying these sources of water damage that can inhabit our homes and buildings. These microscopic particles settle in the same places that our dust settles. Sampling and analyzing the dust for mold, bacteria, and toxins can help us identify if further action is needed, or provide you with peace of mind that your home is in great shape.

"One of the biggest ways remediation fails is not having the right data from the onset. Without the right data, even I would have a hard time creating a safe environment."

The experts of The Dust Test are here to help guide you through the next steps in your healthy home process, and they’ll be there long after receiving your results. With sister products like "", we can help you analyze your home's mold reports next and ensure you have found all the sources identified on the dust test. That way, you’ll have the best chance possible of curating a healthy home within your budget.

Health begins at home.™