The DUST Test Story

About The DUST Test

In an era where the quest for a healthy indoor environment has become paramount, The Dust Test stands out as a groundbreaking solution, addressing the limitations of traditional DIY mold testing techniques such as petri dish tests, air samples, and the ERMI test, which relies on DNA analysis to identify mold presence, often fall short by not detecting mycotoxins and certain health-impacting mold species.

Leveraging advanced PCR technology, The Dust Test transcends these boundaries by offering a more comprehensive snapshot of indoor air quality issues. This method not only encompasses a broader array of mold species but also brings to light harmful particles missed by conventional DIY tests. Its precision and actionable insights, complemented by the provision of free consultations and its association with industry leaders like HomeCleanse and We Inspect, mark a significant step forward in achieving healthier living environments.

Conceived by industry leaders Corey Levy, Brian Karr and Michael Rubino, The Dust Test specifically aims to rectify the inaccuracies commonly associated with petri dish tests and air samples. These traditional approaches frequently overlook a vast range of mold species and the presence of mycotoxins, thereby providing a false sense of security. In contrast, The Dust Test's utilization of advanced PCR technology affords a detailed analysis of home air quality that was once beyond the reach of the general public.

By identifying a wider spectrum of mold species and detecting harmful particles that conventional tests ignore, The Dust Test offers unparalleled precision. Moreover, it bridges the crucial gap between identifying problems and offering solutions through free consultations, reflecting the founders’ comprehensive commitment to improving indoor air quality. This innovative approach not only surpasses the capabilities of existing methods like the ERMI test in terms of accuracy and practical value but also aligns with the changing needs and concerns of today’s homeowners, charting a new path toward healthier indoor spaces.

The Team

Michael Rubino

Michael Rubino is an air quality expert and founder of HomeCleanse, focusing on improving indoor air quality to enhance health. Collaborating with well-being leaders and over 100 doctors globally, he aims to address the health impacts of indoor pollutants, especially for those sensitive to mold.

As a certified Mold Remediation Supervisor, Rubino has contributed significantly to the field, as an author, and engaging in public education through appearances and his series, Never Been Sicker. He also founded the Change the Air Foundation to promote healthier indoor environments worldwide.

Corey Levy

Corey Levy, with certifications as a Microbial Investigator and Indoor Environmentalist, specializes in indoor air quality. Licensed as a mold assessor in Florida and New York, he's also a WELL Accredited Professional, focusing on health and wellness in building designs.

With over 2,000 mold investigations, Levy's expertise benefits individuals with hypersensitive health issues. He actively participates in international conferences, enhancing his knowledge on conditions like CIRS, Lyme disease, and more, emphasizing a commitment to health through environmental quality.

Brian Karr

Brian Karr is a seasoned indoor environmental consultant and co-founder of We Inspect, focusing on assisting hypersensitive individuals through his expertise in mold and biotoxins. He is renowned for his #moldfinders: METHOD digital training program and is a Certified Microbial Investigator.

Karr's work bridges the gap between medical practitioners and environmental health, helping over 5,000 individuals improve their living spaces. His contributions include speaking engagements and publications in the field of indoor air quality, emphasizing remediation strategies tailored for those with complex health conditions.