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Finally, A Test Mold Can't Hide From

What is The Dust Test?

Discover how The Dust Test leverages PCR technology to detect hidden molds in your home and correlates them to the mycotoxins in your body, ensuring you breathe safer, cleaner air every day!

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The Dust Test


The Dust Test helps you match the molds in your home with the mycotoxins in your body.

Who It’s For:

Someone who is wondering if they have a mold problem.

What it Does:

Identifies the 36 mold species most commonly found in homes studied by the EPA

You Can't Get Healthy if You're Living Inside the Problem

Did you know that approximately 75% of homes harbor mold or bacteria, often lurking unseen by the people living in them? 

With The Dust Test, you'll uncover the truth about the air quality in your home. Gain valuable insights into what you're breathing every day. It's not just about knowing—it's about ensuring a healthier home environment.

Ready to discover how the Dust Test works?

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Data empowers us to know what we are breathing.

Heather Dessigner's Story

Watch Heather Dessinger, founder of Mommypotamus, transform from a mold skeptic to a vocal advocate for The Dust Test, as she shares her journey and the compelling results that changed her perspective.

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Environmentally Acquired Illness is a rising concern among doctors and health professionals across the world. The Dust Test is used by hundreds of health professionals worldwide. 

“So many of my patients struggle with the effects of mold exposure which is why it is so important that they test their home. The PCR technology utilized by The Dust Test is the best way to screen a home to see what my patients are exposed to”

“Water damaged buildings host more than mold spores. Contaminants include mold spores, mold chemicals, and bacteria. If we only test for spores using an ERMI, we’re not only missing 2/3rds of the picture, but the ERMI score is incredibly misleading. I like the Dust Test because it gives my patients comprehensive information to guide their next steps.”

I’m really pleased with The Dust Test and the comprehensive analysis and customer support that they provide. I’m recommending it to all of my patients who need an affordable way to order QPCR in their home

Reveal the Unseen in the Air You Breathe

The Dust Test utilizes mold-specific quantitative PCR (MSQPCR) technology as a screening tool to identify the top 36 different species as well as toxins produced by both molds and bacteria that typically inhibit unhealthy homes, depending upon the test you select.

This test is not only more accurate than any other test out there to screen your environment, it’s more affordable than hiring a professional to test the health of your home.

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*The Dust Test can help you understand which mycotoxins you might be exposed to based upon the mold types found in your home.

A Community of Resources

The Dust Test partners with organizations like We Inspect, HomeCleanse and Change the Air Foundation to help you with each step of your journey that goes beyond the initial test result. 

Still Have Questions?

Curious minds, rejoice! Delve into our extensive FAQ page for all the answers you seek and put your uncertainties to rest.